Friday, April 2, 2010

Domino Doll from Alice in Wonderland

 We've had so much fun on a Yahoo group for Domino Art that I just had to share the domino doll I made as part of a Make and Share monthly project there.  During March, our theme was Alice in Wonderland.  Loving art dolls and dominoes and Alice as I do, how could I resist combining them?   Here's a photo of my doll, photographed against a page of the book my father gave to me on my 4th Christmas in 1938.  It is one of my greatest treasures.  

 This domino doll is taken from "The Queen's Croquet Ground chapter.  These poor goofy 'Cardeners"have always appealed to me.  There they were desperately trying to daub the roses with red paint because they had planted white ones by mistake and the Red Queen will surely have their heads if she discovers their error.  Here then, is my version of one of these hapless fellows.  

I used a printout of the preview of a digital collage sheet soon to be offered on Etsy by Joy of Papers.  I think these little dolls would be wonderful Christmas tree ornaments or lamp pulls.  

I'll add a .pdf instruction file as soon as I figure out how that works.  Blogger doesn't permit direct links for that.  I'll have to  put it on a different host with a link here.  Meanwhile, why not go read or re-read Alice?