Sunday, November 2, 2014

Four-plus Years Later

More than 4 years have gone by without posting to my poor old blog. Not much has changed for me. I've been busy doing more of the same. Except for one things: Somehow I got decided to find my blog and start posting again. I'll add some of the work I've done recently. I had a ton of fun with Tammy Garcia's (aka Daisy Yellow) ICAD challenge last summer and more recently her Tangents Prompts. Small books continue to be a favorite way to play with my paints and pens. I'll try to post a few of those too. If you don't already know Tammy, here's a link to find a truly gifted, supportive and fun person: At the moment, I want to begin Leah Piken Kolidas' "Art Every Day of the Month 3014" which I learned about from Tammy. Here's a link in case someone is interested in joining.