Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where is My Camera?

Well now, wouldn't you know that just as I got this little blog put together, I would right away misplace my camera. Its a pretty fancy model but didn't come equipped to answer when called like my cell phone when it wanders. I think there's a thingy you can get to do that. Gotta look into that as soon as it appears. Meanwhile, we'll have to live with some posts without photos or maybe I'll post about things I've done in the past.

News: CROW'S ADVENTURE: We have a large fish tank in the kitchen under some windows. The Craze of Crows live in those windows, perched on the sill just above the fish tank. While the top was open for cleaning the tank a few days ago, one of those crows leaped down into the tank. I didn't even notice for a while because crows like these may not be good swimmers but they do float on the top of the water, meandering about amid the aquarium plants. Margaret and Robert, the tank's primary residents, ignored their new neighbor. When it was finally found, that poor crow was thoroughly soaked. Good news is: A good drying out and she's back in the window good as new and bragging about her adventure in the Fish Tank Spa.
Here's a photo of Margaret and Robert. They spent the summer months in the backyard pond but have now moved back indoors and will be house fish for the winter.

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e. said...

This is e. from Rants In My Pants. Thanks for entering the giveaway, but more importantly - thank you for the funny comment. You made me laugh. I'm glad that there are other women out there that share my love of fancy head wear and subversive musical praise.

ps- my grandmother's name is Rose - I have always loved it.